Current Exhibitions
Current Exhibitions
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Snow White

October 26 - December 22, 2017


Photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto: ‘I use the camera to project my inner idea of reality’ The Financial Times
November 10, 2017

Paul Carey-Kent Presents Recommended London Art exhibitions November 2017 Artlyst
November 2017

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photographs of movie theatres taken over the full course of a screening so that – typically – 170,000 images coalesce to form a white screen, tick enough conceptual boxes (time, absence, abstraction…) to have become a staple of themed group shows. But what is gained by seeing 20 of them together? Plenty, as it turns out.

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Illuminating Opera Houses and Abandoned Movie Palaces The New York Times
May 9, 2017