Dwarf and Rhinoceros (With Large Black Shape) Pictures & Scripts: Brushes horse hairs from her jeans… Movie Scripts / Art: Seems likely Double Play: Moon River Movie Scripts / Art: Frank nurses the drink Double Play: Just the Right Bullets Double Vision: Johns Raised Eyebrows/Furrowed Foreheads: (Violet and Green Eyebrows) Sediment (Part Two): Hats, Gun and Hand Two Bison/Group of Bison (with Blue Shape) Horizontal Series: Relaxed Pollock/Benton: Frequent Pollock/Benton: Familiar Pollock/Benton: Daily Pollock/Benton: Usual Pollock/Benton: Same Pollock/Benton: Close Pollock/Benton: Balanced Pollock/Benton: Typical Pollock/Benton: Common Pollock/Benton: Routine Pollock/Benton: Ordinary Pollock/Benton: Middle